The Dreamland Dance Band is an 18-piece jazz ensemble based in Austin, TX that authentically recreates the beautiful sounds of the classic Big Band Era. Whether it be the sweet harmony of The Glenn Miller Orchestra or the blues riffs of The Count Basie Band, our members are dedicated to bringing the music of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's to life. The talented band features great jazz soloists, as well as vocalists crooning famous melodies reminiscent of Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. The Dreamland Dance Band is available for weddings, corporate events, concerts, parties, and dances.


The genesis of The Dreamland Dance Band dates to 2001 when bandleader Will Daniel began performing in The Charlie Grabein Orchestra. Grabein, a veteran of 1940's and 50's dance bands, mentored his young protege in the music and culture of the Swing Era, entertaining him with fantastic stories while encouraging him to work toward his own musical goals. Daniel, enthralled with the music, founded the original aggregation of The Dreamland Dance Band in 2006. Since then, the young bandleader has entertained thousands of audiences, playing sax, clarinet, and keys, as well as conducting and arranging. Contact Dreamland Music, LLC today to learn more about the current iteration of The Dreamland Dance Band, and to book them for your next event!