Will Daniel started playing saxophone at age 12, and quickly developed a passion for the heartfelt music of the preceding generations.   Will first gravitated towards the energetic and soulful music of Desi Arnaz, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, and Bobby Darin.  A musical transformation took place when he first heard Charles Grabein (a veteran of 1940's and 50's dance bands) perform.  Said Will:  


"The music flowed from his instrument and just wrapped itself around me like a spirit...calling me to it and settling itself into my bones.  I knew from that first moment that I had to make music in my life."

Grabein taught Will Daniel how to play the blues, and began mentoring him in the music and culture of the Swing Era, entertaining him with fantastic stories while encouraging him to work toward his own musical goals.  Enthralled, he founded the original aggregation of The Dreamland Dance Band in 2006.  Since then, the bandleader has entertained thousands of audiences, playing a variety of instruments and singing.


In a return to his earliest musical influences, Will established Willie D & The Hip Pockets in 2018.

Will performs every Monday at The Skylark Lounge with Brian Scartocci & The Soul Hammers (9pm-midnight), and every Friday/Saturday at Pappadeaux's Seafood Restaurant (on Research Boulevard) with a jazz trio (6-9pm). 

Contact Dreamland Music, LLC  today to speak directly with Will Daniel and learn about the music he can bring to your special event.